We are happy to show our end users the difference between what others claim as training and what real training looks like. We extend an open invitation to visit our state of the art training facilities. Contact us today for a tour.

Through the Illinois Valley Labor Management Committee (IVLM), building trade representatives and contractors discuss common concerns, implement mutually beneficial programs and activities, coordinate and finance volunteer activity and foster a labor management relationship that insures union construction projects are built with quality and are on time and under budget. Customers can be assured a quality project with our contractors and their employees.

Our focus is economic development, community relationships, workplace safety, and business development. By partnering with education professionals, business and industry leaders, chambers of commerce and others, IVLM carries the spirit of cooperation back to the communities we serve. It's through that spirit of cooperation, we are able to build stronger relationships, produce a superior product, create and maintain a qualified workforce, develop innovative ideas, give back to the community, and help improve the economy in North Central Illinois.

Illinois Valley Labor Management

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Community Projects 

Over the years our members have volunteered countless hours to help make life just a little better for our neighbors.

1st Monday

The first Monday of each month from 9AM - 10AM please join us  on WCMY 1430 as we talk about our specific training programs and what else we are up to. Stream it on



10 & 30 Hr OSHA

1st Aid/CPR

Drug/Alcohol Testing Program

We also offer site specific training so our Contractors and their employees are ready to work the 1st day.